Utilising the public stage to promote and educate our communities.

Plant-Based Nutrition Workshops (Australia and New Zealand)



​​These popular plant-based nutrition workshops have been the ideal platform to educate people about two of the most important facets of well-being – being active and eating well. The goal is to demonstrate how easy a wholefood plant-based lifestyle can be.


To date, 22 workshops have been delivered, with up to 70 attendees at a time. The topics include:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Sport

  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Performance

  • Competing as a Plant-Based Athlete

  • Why Plant-Based is the Optimum Nutrition for Sport

  • Gastric Distress - Strategies to Reduce It

Guest speakers have included Dr Luke Wilson (MBChB), Dr Mark Craig (MBChB), and Ben Allen (XTERRA Pro Athlete).


These workshops can be tailored to suit the respective audience.

Plant-Based Health and Sports Interviews (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Interviews with plant-based health professionals, providing greater insight into nutrition and health.

  • Interviews with plant-based athletes, amateurs to professionals, all demonstrating the benefits in performance and recovery.

Click here to view the interviews.


Triathlon and Endurance Sports Training Camps (Australia and New Zealand)
Presenter, Guest Speaker, and Panelist
  • Presenter of various training principles, experiences, and race insight

  • Presenter of plant-based nutrition for sport


The Big FAT Lie Film Premiere (Brisbane, Australia) - February 2019
Co-Host & Organiser, and Panel Host


  • Co-host of a New Zealand plant-based documentary premiere which confronts the established medical institutions' sole reliance on medications and surgery, whilst ignoring the clearly demonstrated health benefits of a wholefood plant-based lifestyle.

  • Hosted a discussion panel with the film producer and health practitioners.

XTERRA Rotorua (New Zealand) - April 2018, 2019, 2020
XTERRA Wellington 
(New Zealand) - February 2020
Panel Host and Race Commentator 
  • Hosting a Q&A panel with professional elite athletes.

  • Providing live race-day commentary of the pro race, including insight and tips about the race course.

  • Post-race interviews.

  • The host of informative video series.


Taste of Plant-Based (New Zealand and online) - January 2019
Content Contributor


  • Interviewed for a series of informative videos as part of an online plant-based lifestyle taster seminar.

Vegan Australia Day (Brisbane, Australia) - January 2019
Guest Speaker and Race Director
  • Presenter of Plant-Based Nutrition for Sport seminar.

  • Organiser of the Cruelty-Free Games cross country events - 3 events ranging from the 100m kid's dash to the 2,700m main event.

The Vegan Hour Podcast (Gold Coast, Australia and online) - March 2019


  • A 1-hour interview by Harry Bolman, available on YouTube.

Go Green Expo (Auckland, New Zealand) - April 2019


  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Sport content.

Vegan Vibes (Mt Maunganui, New Zealand) - September 2019


  • Why Plant-Based is the Optimum Nutrition for Sport content.

Whangarei Vegan Expo (Whangarei, New Zealand) - November 2019


  • Why Plant-Based is the Optimum Nutrition for Sport content.

Vegan Food Festival (Auckland, New Zealand) - March 2020


  • Plant-Based for Athletic Performance, and Health.

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