Eitelberg Consulting Limited was established to deliver a diverse set of skills and interests with a focus on sustainability.


Bringing together a selection of varied experiences and expertise, I offer a range of services that may be applied to any industry or sector.

I have the intellect and experience gained from working in both the corporate and consulting sectors, with a strong focus on collaboration, stakeholder management, and effective communication skills. My passion is people and the environment – sport, nutrition, built environment and public speaking are merely delivery mechanisms.

Benjamin Eitelberg
Founder and Principal

I am a management consultant, inspiring and enabling long-term sustainable solutions for business, health and sport.


I have over twenty years of full-time working experience across two very diverse career paths. Following a career in a very demanding corporate world whilst accommodating a passion for training and competing in endurance sporting events, as well as coaching the latter years, I know first-hand the delicate management required to maintain a healthy and sustainable balance.


My work experience includes innovation, strategy, delivery and inspiring people in South African, New Zealand and Australian markets. I am an early adopter and never afraid to trial new concepts, striving for real sustainable growth by establishing long-term objectives and setting out to achieve them in a structured and efficient manner. Creating Sustainable Growth.


A highlight of my career achievements to date are:

  • Establishing a retail property team for a major NZ telecommunications company to successfully deliver a complete rebrand and store redesign across a nationwide portfolio.

  • Initiating and delivering New Zealand’s first environmentally sustainable purpose-built retail premises.

  • Leading the creation and publication of a construction industry-recognised delivery protocol, subsequently endorsed by the New Zealand Property Council and Department of Building and Housing.

  • Selection to a High Potential Leadership Programme for a major Australasian financial institution.

  • Establishing a well-recognised and trusted endurance sports and plant-based nutrition coaching business.


As an athlete, I am a New Zealand age-group representative at aquathlon, sprint and Olympic distance triathlon, cross triathlon and XTERRA. I first achieved national representation for South Africa in 2003. I have also been appointed as Team Manager and Team Captain to various New Zealand triathlon teams.


Whilst coaching initially was a hobby to help friends, Fitness Locker was established in 2011 as a platform for me to fulfil my passion for helping people succeed through triathlon and other endurance sports. I have had unique opportunities to shadow world-renowned individual and team coaches, work with a vast range of ability and experienced athletes, and deliver training camps, workshops and clinics throughout New Zealand and parts of Australia. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with my athletes. Read my coaching profile here.


Using my personal journey and successes, I am also an avid advocate for a wholefood plant-based lifestyle, not only as a means for athletes to improve their performance and recovery but for health reasons in general.


Veganism to me is an ethical and responsible way of living. We need to respect the environment that provides so much for us, we have no need to kill for food, function or pleasure, and we can certainly do more for our general wellness.

I am well-travelled, educated across various cultures and multi-lingual thereby providing a well-balanced and softer approach to delivering solutions. I bring together experiences and skillsets from two diverse industries, creating new synergies that provide a unique approach to many situations.




  • BSc Construction Management (Honours)


  • Triathlon New Zealand Level 3 accredited coach

  • Cycling New Zealand accredited coach

  • Triathlon New Zealand Open Water Swim Certified Coach


  • Sport for Sustainable Development Certificate

  • Vegan Nutritionist Diploma

  • Sports Nutrition Business Diploma


  • Foundations of Heart Rate Variability

  • No Exceptions Training Certified Coach (Halberg Disability Sports Foundation)

  • Functional Movement Systems Professional

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy Certified Trainer

  • TRX Suspension Certified Trainer

  • Introduction to Aromatherapy

  • Introduction to Homeopathy

  • St John First Aid Level 1


Current Positions:

  • Member of the Triathlon New Zealand Age Group Selection Commission


Languages Spoken:

  • English (native/bilingual proficiency)

  • French (professional working proficiency)

  • Afrikaans (elementary proficiency)

  • Spanish (elementary proficiency)

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