I help people push beyond their comfort zone in order to grow and succeed, in a healthy and sustainable manner.



There is strength in a louder voice. I look for the right partners to collaborate with and combine resources, thereby allowing me to inspire more.




There is a much-needed opportunity to offer a network of support and objective opinion to athletes and business professionals within a trusting environment. When requested, these relationships remain discreet and confidential.


Public Speaking



​​Utilising the public stage to promote and educate our communities on topical matters is a privilege I am grateful for.


Starting in 2018, I have delivered a variety of content through my own forums or as a guest speaker, invited experts to my workshops, hosted informative panels, delivered educational webinars, commentated at events and host podcast shows.


  • Plant-Based Nutrition Workshops (Australia and New Zealand)

Since 2018, 25 workshops have been delivered across 11 centres in New Zealand and Queensland, Australia.

For more details, visit Fitness Locker.


  • Taste of Plant-Based (Online) - 2019

Content Contributor

  • Health Masters Live (Webinar) - 2020

Plant-Based Nutrition Masterclass Presenter

Expos and Festivals - Presenter

  • Vegan Australia Day (Brisbane, Australia) - 2019

  • Go Green Expo (Auckland, New Zealand) - 2019, 2020

  • Vegan Vibes (Mt Maunganui, New Zealand) - 2019, 2020

  • Whangarei Vegan Expo (Whangarei, New Zealand) - 2019

  • Vegan Food Festival (Auckland, New Zealand) - 2020, 2021

Film Premieres

  • The Big FAT Lie Film Premiere (Brisbane, Australia) - 2019

Co-Host and Organiser, and Panel Host


  • The Vegan Hour Podcast (Gold Coast, Australia) - 2019


  • XTERRA Rotorua (New Zealand) - 2018 to current

Panel host for Q&A with professional elite athletes

Live race-day commentary of the pro race

Post-race interviews

  • XTERRA Global - 2020 to current

Live presenter of informative/workout videos


Podcast co-host

Podcast host