I help people push beyond their comfort zone in order to grow and succeed, in a healthy and sustaining manner.


Happy and healthy employees set the platform for better-engaged employees.


I act as a facilitator to develop strong client leadership skills and provide adequate tools to deliver efficiently. The utilisation of a skilled and intuitive facilitator is an important consideration in maximising group and individual performance throughout the lifecycle of a project and/or business and Eitelberg Consulting fulfills this role effectively.


There is a much-needed opportunity to offer a network of support and objective opinion to athletes and business professionals. I provide a trusting environment to help build their belief and confidence, so they can push themselves physically and mentally. This creates a positive impact on their lifestyle by living a more meaningful and productive life with improved well-being.


When requested, these relationships remain discreet and confidential.



There is strength in a louder voice. I look for the right partners to collaborate with and combine resources, thereby allowing me to inspire more.

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Sports Coaching


My coaching philosophy is uniquely athlete-centric. The purpose is to make athletes more knowledgeable and better equipped to make decisions themselves, as ultimately the athlete is most intuitive about themselves. The eventual outcome is far more rewarding and accomplishing.

I provide an environment whereby athletes may achieve their sporting goals in a competitive and enjoyable environment. My services include:

  • Triathlon and Endurance Sports Coaching

  • Workshops, Training Clinics, and Training Camps

  • Sports Team and Athlete Management

  • Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Coaching

  • Analyses of Heart Rate Variability data

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Sporting Events

My passion for sport extends beyond being a competitor. The opportunity to offer over twenty years worth of competitor experience, knowledge and enthusiasm can be invaluable to organisers in making their respective events an even greater success. My involvement includes:


XTERRA Rotorua (2016 - current) and XTERRA Wellington (2019 - current)

  • Online training programmes free to download from the event website

  • Training camp two weeks prior

  • Pro Athlete Activation - Q&A sessions, live pro racing commentary and post-event interviews

Breca Swimrun (2017 and 2018)

  • Nationwide information seminars

  • Coached group training sessions


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