Advocating a wholefood plant-based lifestyle through healthy, sustainable and ethical nutrition.

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition


Understanding a healthy and proper approach to nutrition is not a privilege, it is a capability we should all have. Implementing a healthy wholefood plant-based approach to training, competing and general well-being will have compelling benefits.


Using an evidence-based approach, I provide guidance on adopting and thriving on a well-balanced wholefood plant-based diet. This includes ensuring adequate calories are consumed, protein levels are not unnecessarily exceeded, and key micro-nutrients are met.


My primary interest is using the wholefood plant-based approach to improve performance and recovery, however, the benefits can extend to weight loss and improved health and well-being. My mission at Fitness Locker is to research and educate about the benefits of a wholefood plant-based lifestyle in order to make the appropriate choices, sharing information demonstrating how easy it can be. 





I offer consultations to assist with -

  • transitioning to a wholefood plant-based diet using a 3-phase guideline I have devised to make the journey easy,

  • fine-tuning to ensure the nutritional requirements meet the sporting goals,

  • weight-loss, and improvements to the quality of life.

These can be as a one-off session or undertaking a programme over a set period of time. For athletes, this can work alongside their existing training plan or be packaged up into a comprehensive Fitness Locker coaching plan. A consultation may also include body composition analyses (weight, blood pressure, waist-to-hip ratio, and ISAK 7-point skinfold measurements) for benchmarking purposes as well as identifying any possible health-related concerns.


Please note, I do not undertake consultations for pregnant women, young children, elderly and those suffering from medical conditions. I collaborate with a team of trusted plant-based medical experts to whom I would refer you to.


This service is integrated into the coaching services provided at Fitness Locker.



Kitchen Coaching


The objective is to create an environment that facilitates smarter decisions when shopping and cooking. The simplicity of a wholefood plant-based diet provides all of the dietary requirements without the need to count calories, weigh, split macro and micronutrients, or even reduce carbohydrates.


One session can be a lifetime investment to build confidence in the kitchen and in a wholefood plant-based cuisine.​

Plant-Based Nutrition Workshops


These popular plant-based nutrition workshops have been the ideal platform to educate people about two of the most important facets of well-being – being active and eating well. The goal is to demonstrate how easy a wholefood plant-based lifestyle can be.


The topics covered so far include:

  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Sport

  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Performance

  • Why Plant-Based is the Optimum Nutrition for Sport

  • Plant-Based for Athletic Performance, and Health

  • Gastric Distress - Strategies to Reduce It

  • Competing As A Plant-Based Athlete

Various forms of these presentations have featured at numerous expos, festivals, webinars and event panels.

Plant-Based Recipes


There are 40-plus wholefood plant-based recipes available exclusively to all paying members. These cover breakfasts, main meals, snacks, condiments, and pre and during training options. All recipes exclude the use of oil.


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