Sustainability provides a sense of responsibility, caring and well-being – it’s the right thing to do.
It affects where we live, work and play.

Built Environment

The origins of Eitelberg Consulting Limited started as a retail property consultancy with an ethical approach. These core skill sets remain and are directly transferable to the business I operate today. As such, I continue to offer strategic advice on creating efficiencies within a business. I identify areas of opportunity to generate improvement in a sustaining manner.


Eitelberg Consulting continues to offer the following services:

  • Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

  • Restructuring / Creating New Teams

  • Corporate Governance

  • Property Portfolio Expansions / Consolidations

  • Retail Property Refurbishment / Rebrand Programs

  • Green Building Design Input

  • Delivery Processes

  • Business Development ​​

Construction Client Protocols

A committee formed from the New Zealand Construction Clients Group, a subsidiary of Constructing Excellence New Zealand, created the Construction Client Protocols. I was fortunate to lead this committee with a commitment to adopt best practice principles.


The document establishes a set of protocols for the New Zealand market that advocates ‘best value’ and fosters strong leadership from clients and strong working relationships between clients and the supply chain in the construction industry. The purpose was to change the mindset from that of a ‘lowest cost’ attitude to one of ‘best value’ – the most advantageous trade-off for the client between price and performance.

View the Construction Client Protocols here.

It is imperative that we care for the environment we utilise. Everything we do as a means for living or pleasure has a direct impact on the natural environment. We need to make educated ethical decisions on the choices we have and through my consultancy I will assist in assessing those choices.


Plogga is a movement created by Swede Erik Ahlström and followed by people with the urge to live in a clean world. The word comes from the Swedish words picking up rubbish and jogging mixed into one: plocka (pick up + jogga (jog) - plogga.


As athletes, we enjoy playing in a clean and safe environment so I strongly associate myself with the simple concept of cleaning up after ourselves and others.

I am proud to have launched the first plogga in Australia in January 2019, and continue to promote and host plogga sessions around New Zealand, including at my own hosted sport training camps.


I have always believed in providing opportunities to those less fortunate, especially those that could one day make a significant difference themselves. With the help of partners, I contribute to select communities by way of donated goods and personal participation.

View some of my success stories In The Media.



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