Sustainability provides a sense of responsibility, caring and well-being – it’s the right thing to do.
It affects where we live, work and play.

Built Environment


The origins of Eitelberg Consulting Limited started as a retail property consultancy with a sustainability approach. These core skill sets remain and are directly transferable to the business I operate today.


As such, I continue to offer end-to-end property management services:

  • Site identification and lease negotiations

  • Design and fitout of premises, and relocation of personnel

  • Property portfolio expansions  and consolidations

  • Retail property refurbishments and rebranding

  • Green building design input

  • Restructuring and establishment of new teams

  • Corporate governance

  • Review and implementation of delivery processes

  • Business development

In 2008, I initiated and delivered New Zealand's, and possibly Australasia's, first purpose-built retail outlet incorporating green building design features. With no rating tools available at the time, this was deemed a pathfinder project with the New Zealand Green Building Council utilising this project as a benchmark.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.11.46 PM.png
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Construction Client Protocols


A committee formed from the New Zealand Construction Clients Group, a subsidiary of Constructing Excellence New Zealand, created the Construction Client Protocols. I was fortunate to lead this committee with a commitment to adopt best practice principles.


The document establishes a set of protocols for the New Zealand market that advocates ‘best value’ and fosters strong leadership from clients and strong working relationships between clients and the supply chain in the construction industry.

The purpose was to change the mindset from that of a ‘lowest cost’ attitude to one of ‘best value’ – the most advantageous trade-off for the client between price and performance.

View the Construction Client Protocols here.


The great outdoors is ‘great’ for a reason. Not only is time spent in nature crucial for our physical and mental health, but we are reliant on a healthy planet for a healthy human race. It is imperative that we care for the environment we utilise. Everything we do as a means for living or pleasure has a direct impact on the natural environment.

The science is clear - climate change is real, it is happening now and alarming trends need immediate action. Not only that, waste and plastic pollution and deforestation has become a pressing environmental concern. We need to make educated ethical decisions with the choices we have and through my consultancy, I assist in assessing those choices.

Refer to The Lentil Intervention for more of my work in this area, including valuable resources, informative interviews and the initiatives the enable action.